DENVER’S-HIGHLAND-NEIGHBORHOODThe city of Denver was recently declared as America’s 6th-best city for business by Dow Jones economic tracker MarketWatch. MarketWatch evaluated 102 large cities based on two categories: “company score” and “economic score.” Company score looked at the concentration of businesses within the market area and economic score looked at unemployment rates, job growth, personal income, and the area’s gross domestic product. Denver had a total score of 980 with a company score of 599 and an economic score of 381. Denver’s company score ranked the second-highest of the 102 cities evaluated, and it was said that the City “seems to have no trouble attracting new companies.” DaVtia Inc., the kidney care giant, recently relocated to the Denver market and this is just one of the many who know call Denver home.

Other honors that Denver has receive for the 2010 year include ninth-best city for job seekers by, ninth best place to find a managerial position by, eighth-best city for college grads to find work by Businessweek, and America’s eighth-best city for young professionals by Forbes.

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Source: Denver Business Journal

Photo Credit: David Shankbone on Wikimedia Commons