yardEveryone loves a yard sale for it seems that everybody comes out a winner. Buyers find a deal and sellers unload a bunch of stuff that is no longer of any use. It’s a win-win situation in almost every case. Still, yard sales can be somewhat problematic. Here are a few tips to make your yard sale a bit more lucrative and trouble free:

  • Involve the Neighborhood – Be sure that a lot of nearby people attend your yard sale as a crowd will attract more potential and, more lucrative, outside  buyers.
  • Display the Best Items – Don’t just throw the “good” items on a table. Set them up as the features on your sale. Its probably only worth a few extra dollars per item.
  • Use Creative Signage – Believe it or not, people will respond to a creative sign. Make sure that you use some color or other interesting features.
  • Price Simply – This doesn’t mean price your merchandise cheaply but no one brings exact change and you do not have time to mess with it.

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