WELCOME-TO-DENVER-MRS-FIELDSWe wanted to officially welcome Mrs. Fields Famous Brands, the parent company of the Mrs. Fields cookie chain and TCBY frozen yogurt, to Denver.  The company, which is moving from Salt Lake City, chose the Denver area from among seven potential locations for its new headquarters.  According to the Denver Business Chronicle, CEO Tim Casey “chose to come to Broomfield largely because of the area’s status as a center for franchising and branding expertise, ‘which allows us, and allows me, to capture two of the biggest needs of the organization’.”

Casey went on to say that “We looked at a lot of places, and Denver was clearly the place for us, and the entire organization is looking forward to coming here.”

Mrs. Fields Famous Brands will open its doors at Broomfield’s Arista complex on July 9.  To learn more about Mrs. Fields relocation to Denver visit www.bizjournals.com.

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