exciteWhen preparing to move, you consider logistical things like turning on utilities, packing efficiently and organizing contractors and service providers. However, one task you may feel helpless with is helping your child get excited about the move. Moving is difficult for children as they focus on losing friends and favorite places to spend time. The uncertainty can be uncomfortable, but the following are some moving tips to help your kids get excited about the move.

  • Select a home together. Among the most important moving tips is to select the home together. Are there things everyone agrees the new home needs? Make a list together.
  • Tour homes together. Don’t wait until you’ve found a home to start preparing children for a move. Take the children to homes that you’ve selected among your final choices to avoid disappointment. Ask them about their likes and dislikes.
  • Make goodbye a process. Say goodbye to your old home gradually. Create a memory book with children and be sure to plan a family meal in which everyone can share their favorite experiences inside of the home.
  • Prepare for the new room. Even if your child is less enthusiastic about the move, they will surely be excited about a new room. Give them options to choose from for paint, and allow them to organize the layout of their room using snapshots of their furniture pasted on construction paper.

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