TIPS-FOR-FINDING-A-GREAT-FAMILY-HOMEYou can spend a lot of time looking for the perfect home and end up feeling emotionally drained and exhausted, and still without a home.  Preparation and letting your Denver Colorado real estate agent know exactly what you need in a home, will prevent misunderstandings, wasted time, and unneeded travel.  Follow these tips to help your agent show you the house in the perfect location with the right amenities that you need.

Make Two Lists:

  • Make a list of those things that are absolutely necessary, as well as a list of the things you want, but are willing to compromise on.  The second list is just as important as the first to really prioritize what you are looking for.

Research Location:

  • Before you contact a Denver Realtor, do some homework on the neighborhoods you are interested in.  Research schools, shopping, and the commute distance to work. Take a drive through the neighborhoods to see if they have the right feel for your home.

Keep An Open Mind:

  • This is where that second list becomes valuable.  A house might have everything you are looking for, except one thing.  Keep an open mind when viewing a home, especially if a missing feature is on the options list, and make sure it has everything else you need in the location you want.

Finding a home in the Denver area does not have to be an exhausting experience, simply make a list, research locations, and keep an open mind!To find your perfect house call Ann Meadows at 888-860-1931.