Plant a tree this Fall in DenverAs the leaves begin to fall from trees in your Denver yard this Fall, consider planting another one to help set your roots and get a head start on Spring. Moisture levels and soil conditions during this time of year are perfect for trees to establish their roots and develop a foundation before Winter.

First, select a tree that fits your yard and needs. You should consider the shade it will eventually cast on your yard, surrounding power lines, and other factors that contribute to good tree placement.

When digging a hole for the tree, make sure it is as deep as the root ball and twice as wide as it. Use a tarp to remove dirt in order to protect your yard, and replace up to half of the removed dirt with organic filler. When replacing the soil, make sure the tree is straight as you fill the hole and that the first roots will be level with the top of the soil.

Finally, mulch the tree with shredded bark, pine straw, or another organic matter beginning three to five inches away from the trunk of the tree. Be sure to water the planted tree weekly during the first growing season.

By planting a tree in your Denver yard this Fall, you can help establish your roots at your current home and contribute to the environment and beauty of your neighborhood.

Photo courtesy of Stock.xchng