Unexpected Savings for Your Home this Winter

Unexpected Savings for Your Home this Winter


If you recently relocated to Denver, you might be getting worried about spending more money that you would like on utilities this winter. Here are some simple ways to save money on your new energy bill that will not compromise your comfort in the least:

  • Give your water heater a blanket
    Add some extra insulation to your hot water heater by placing a fiberglass insulation blanket on the unit. You can cut heat loss and save up to 9 percent on your water-heating bills.
  • Turn off the burner when you’re done cooking
    A electric burner does not cool off completely when you turn off the unit, so use up the residual heat to finish up your dish and turn off the burner early.
  • Add motion sensors
    If you have children, add motion sensors to play rooms and bedrooms to avoid paying for energy that is not being used. Motion sensors only cost about $15 to $50 per light.
  • Spin Laundry Faster
    Choose to spin your laundry faster to get more access water out of your clothes. The faster you can spin your laundry, the less you will need your dryer to do the rest. Newer washing machines can effectively spin clothes so that drying time and energy consumption is cut in half.
  • Put lamps in corners
    You can switch to a lower wattage in your floor and table lamps, but still get the same lighting effect by placing them in corners. When you place lamps in the corners, all wall sides help reflect the light to create a well-lit room.

Do you have any other ideas for saving money this winter? Add a comment below of your best money-saving tips!

Source: HouseLogic

Photo Credit: Stock.xchng