Being smart, happy, employed beer drinkers really pays off!

Being smart, happy, employed beer drinkers really pays off!

employedWe are a proud of our state, aren’t we? Maybe even, dare I say, arrogant, when it comes to Colorado? After all, we boast over 300 days of sunshine, are home to the esteemed Air Force Academy, and live in a place so stunningly gorgeous that Katherine Lee Bates wrote “America The Beautiful” while drinking in the views from Pikes Peak. (We will get to ‘drinking’ later.)

Colfax Avenue is the longest continuous road in North America, we host the largest rodeo, the Great Sand Dunes are a national monument considering the 46,000 acre park was created over a million years ago from wind and ocean waters, and we are the only city to turn down an offer to host the Olympics – we did not want the cost or the pollution to damage our beloved Colorado.

But that’s just the beginning. Recent news has only added to our egos because:

We Have Brains:

“America’s Brain Health Index”, a study conducted by the National Center for Creative Aging — ranks Colorado third in the nation for brain health. Researchers examined 21 criteria, including everything from physical and mental health, diet and social well-being.

Coloradans earned their high ranking, the report says, by “taking care of their physical and mental health and maintaining a diet rich in DHA-fortified foods and supplements.”

We Have Jobs:

Denver ranks No. 1 for professional and technical job growth.

Denver is No. 3 — and Colorado is No. 4 — among the top 10 cities and states for job growth, according to an Arizona State University report.

Colorado also ranks No. 1 for the rate of growth of government jobs.

We Have Beer!: 

Denver was recently voted as the 2nd best city for beer drinkers. Why? Because we have 154 breweries and lots of hip craft brews, including Denver Beer Co. and Great Divide Brewing. And we host the Great American Beer Festival, one of the largest beer events in the country.

We Have Equity In Our Homes:

A National Association of Realtors report proves that not only is Colorado a great place to live, it’s a great place to buy. The following 10 real estate markets have realized the greatest equity appreciation since the fourth quarter of 2010, due to relatively low prices, low mortgage rates, and investor demand

1. San Jose

2. San Francisco

3. Anaheim,

4. Los Angeles

5. San Diego

6. Boulder

7. Honolulu

8. Riverside

9. Cape Coral-Fort Myers

10. Sacramento

So what does this mean for you? Well – you are smart, happy, employed, beer-loving people who should consider buying your next home! See how I did that?

All jokes aside, the real estate market is healthy and the trend seems to moving in the right direction. When it comes to purchasing or refinancing or even remodeling, investing in Colorado is a sure bet. And we didn’t even need a fancy report to tell us that.

Considering a Facelift? Fear Not!


I recently remodeled one of my bathrooms and it was – um – fun.

Okay, maybe fun isn’t the right word. And, actually, maybe ‘remodel’ is too strong a word. Let’s say I gave my bathroom a mini-facelift – a whirlwind weekend that included paint, textiles, lighting, hardware, photographs and a really lovely scented candle. The scented candle was the nicest part. And the easiest. And the nicest. Did I already say that?

Why is it that the word remodel strikes fear in the heart of so many people – including me? Is it the angst of making a mistake? The concern over ROI? The dread of spending your hard-earned money on a toilet of all things?

For me, I am always looking at my home through my Realtor lens and wondering in my head (and, yes, out loud to my painters who kindly but firmly reminded me that Silver Chain Gray was, in fact, a great color) if buyers are going to love it.

The answer is – maybe. The bigger question is: is the expense and exhaustion from a major remodel, or even a lesser transformation, really worth it?  When I was remodeling I didn’t  discuss my plans with anyone else except me. On the flip side, when I was shaky about the color, I had nobody to blame but myself. I hate blaming myself. It’s less fun than blaming someone else.

So – should you do it or not?

The short answer is yes. If you are considering selling your house, updating your home is a good bet. You want your home to be the best and the brightest on the proverbial block, but you don’t want to exchange your good-looking house for the poorhouse.

Experts suggest taking an honest look at the outside to make sure it appeals to buyers –no matter how great the house is on the inside, nobody will ever see it if the outside is ugly. This is the same reason cupcakes are so popular and eel is not. Just saying. Do the windows need to be replaced or repaired? Would a new front door or at least a fresh coat of paint give the home a bit of sparkle? Be honest – or ask a trusted friend for insight.

Once you get past the freshly painted door, it’s the kitchen that buyers most want to see. If you’re selling now or sometime in the near future, remember to appeal to the masses, which includes stainless steel appliances, soft close drawers, a designated space for recycling and upgraded finishes. I have a client who recently upgraded her kitchen in a smart, budget-friendly way. By painting her cabinets and walls, adding new hardware, and investing in granite countertops, the space looks fresh and open. Even I was impressed and I’ve seen a lot of kitchens in my day.  A MAJOR overhaul was not necessary since said kitchen, like many kitchens, was functional, just not fabulous. Had my client embarked on a huge remodel, her ROI would be slim and her mental state would be a bit – oh – compromised. And then she might have to live with me. And what if she didn’t like the paint in the bathroom? What if she was allergic to my new candle?

So, be brave my fellow homeowners! Tackle that tired bathroom, kick-up that kitchen and examine that exterior because the pros outweigh the cons. And that’s coming from a pro.

See Historic Roots in Downtown Littleton

See Historic Roots in Downtown Littleton

The everyday hustle and bustle of the city life can get too stressful, so if you want to get away to someplace relaxing yet interesting, then you’ll find downtown Littleton the ideal destination.

historicAlong the area’s quaint Main Street are independently owned local establishments housed in historic buildings. You’ll find gift shops, art galleries, clothing stores, and a bowling alley among these establishments.

But beyond shopping choices, downtown Littleton also offers other attractions such as the Hudson Gardens and the Littleton Historical Museum. The former features greenery, wildlife, ponds, and a garden railroad complete with a picturesque outdoor setting, while the latter spotlights two working farms from the 1860s and 1920s. Here you’ll find farm animals like pigs, chickens, horses, oxen and cattle out and about.

Downtown Littleton is just one of the great places you’ll enjoy about living in a Denver neighborhood. There are other gems worth finding, and you can discover them yourself after you move here!  Contact me at 303-478-1201 and I will help you find the perfect home!

Mortgage Rates on the Rise After 30 Years

Mortgage Rates on the Rise After 30 Years

mortgageIf you’re buying a home in Denver this year, you should know that 30-year fixed mortgage rates were on the rise for the second consecutive week. From the last week of July’s, 4.24 percent, rates the week of August 6th rose to 4.28 percent.

Higher mortgage interest rates translate to higher monthly fees, so you have to consider how fluctuations can affect your payments and consequently, your budget.

But don’t be alarmed. Rates are expected to remain more or less stable. With the way the trend is going, they are not expected to go beyond 4.5 percent this 2013. Also, as long as they stay below 8 percent, there’s nothing much to worry about, according to this CBS article. Relatively, 4.28 percent is still a low mortgage rate, and people will most likely rush to buy a new home.

Don’t wait for rates to rise again. Purchase your dream home now while the numbers are still good. Let me help you find your dream home!  Call me today at 303-478-1201.

What’s Upcoming at the Denver Botanic Garden?

What’s Upcoming at the Denver Botanic Garden?

gardenLiving in Denver is a treat. There’s always something to do in any part of the city, especially in the summer months. For this August, look out for these fun events happening at the Denver Botanic Gardens:

1. Catch the Grammy-award-winning folk rock music duo, The Indigo Girls, at York Street on Sunday, Aug. 4 at 7:00 p.m. The ladies will perform songs from their 14th studio album, Beauty Queen Sister.

2. All Natural Skin Care: Protect you skin from harmful chemicals by learning how to make your own organic facial products. Classes are scheduled on Saturday, Aug. 10, at 9:30 p.m. on York Street.

2. Enjoy an August Member-Only Morning on Friday, Aug. 16, from 7:00 a.m. to 9:00 a.m. The Gardens will be opened only for members and their guest within this time period.

3. Learn more about tea at the Summertime Tea in the Gardens lecture on Sunday, Aug. 18 at 8:00 p.m. Aside from the lecture, you’ll also get the chance to taste a lot of teas.

For more exciting Denver events this summer, visit the Gardens’ calendar. If you’re planning  on moving  soon, contact me at 303-478-1201,   it would be my pleasure to help you in the sale or purchase of your home.