Being smart, happy, employed beer drinkers really pays off!

Being smart, happy, employed beer drinkers really pays off!

employedWe are a proud of our state, aren’t we? Maybe even, dare I say, arrogant, when it comes to Colorado? After all, we boast over 300 days of sunshine, are home to the esteemed Air Force Academy, and live in a place so stunningly gorgeous that Katherine Lee Bates wrote “America The Beautiful” while drinking in the views from Pikes Peak. (We will get to ‘drinking’ later.)

Colfax Avenue is the longest continuous road in North America, we host the largest rodeo, the Great Sand Dunes are a national monument considering the 46,000 acre park was created over a million years ago from wind and ocean waters, and we are the only city to turn down an offer to host the Olympics – we did not want the cost or the pollution to damage our beloved Colorado.

But that’s just the beginning. Recent news has only added to our egos because:

We Have Brains:

“America’s Brain Health Index”, a study conducted by the National Center for Creative Aging — ranks Colorado third in the nation for brain health. Researchers examined 21 criteria, including everything from physical and mental health, diet and social well-being.

Coloradans earned their high ranking, the report says, by “taking care of their physical and mental health and maintaining a diet rich in DHA-fortified foods and supplements.”

We Have Jobs:

Denver ranks No. 1 for professional and technical job growth.

Denver is No. 3 — and Colorado is No. 4 — among the top 10 cities and states for job growth, according to an Arizona State University report.

Colorado also ranks No. 1 for the rate of growth of government jobs.

We Have Beer!: 

Denver was recently voted as the 2nd best city for beer drinkers. Why? Because we have 154 breweries and lots of hip craft brews, including Denver Beer Co. and Great Divide Brewing. And we host the Great American Beer Festival, one of the largest beer events in the country.

We Have Equity In Our Homes:

A National Association of Realtors report proves that not only is Colorado a great place to live, it’s a great place to buy. The following 10 real estate markets have realized the greatest equity appreciation since the fourth quarter of 2010, due to relatively low prices, low mortgage rates, and investor demand

1. San Jose

2. San Francisco

3. Anaheim,

4. Los Angeles

5. San Diego

6. Boulder

7. Honolulu

8. Riverside

9. Cape Coral-Fort Myers

10. Sacramento

So what does this mean for you? Well – you are smart, happy, employed, beer-loving people who should consider buying your next home! See how I did that?

All jokes aside, the real estate market is healthy and the trend seems to moving in the right direction. When it comes to purchasing or refinancing or even remodeling, investing in Colorado is a sure bet. And we didn’t even need a fancy report to tell us that.

Optimism Reaches Record Levels for Home Buyers and Sellers

Optimism Reaches Record Levels for Home Buyers and Sellers

familyGood news for home buyers and sellers across the country — optimism about the housing market reached record levels in May, probably due to the strong home price gains. The National Housing Survey by Fannie May found the following opinions about homeownership, renting, household finances, and the housing economy as a whole:

  • Expectations for the average 12-month home price rose by 3.9 percent, reaching the highest level since the survey began. In addition, expectations for the average 12-month rental price dropped by 3.4 percent to the lowest since September of last year.
  • At 13 percent, the number of people to report their household income significantly lower than 12 months previous dropped by 3 percent.
  • The number of people who believe home prices will increase over the next 12 months reached a high of 55 percent, while those who say prices will drop decreased to 7 percent, the lowest level since the survey’s commencement.

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Home Buyer Tips for Writing an Offer Letter

Home Buyer Tips for Writing an Offer Letter

wriingOnce you have found a home you like, it is important to stand out from other buyers by writing a personal letter. Use these tips to craft your letter in order to make it as effective as possible.

  • Be flattering from the outset. Begin your letter by telling the seller how much you like the property mentioning particular features such as the color scheme or their personal style.
  • Stay brief and to the point. Clearly state two or three reasons why you would be the right buyer for the home.
  • Do not talk about your planned changes. If you plan to remodel, extend, or change the purpose of certain rooms, do not mention it to the seller.
  • Demonstrate your financial stability. Sellers want to know that the transaction will be smooth and problem free.
  • Close talking about the seller, not about yourself. End your letter with a humble statement that expresses your gratitude rather than an expectation that the seller will except your offer.

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Yard Sale Tips: Lighten Your Load Before the Big Move

Yard Sale Tips: Lighten Your Load Before the Big Move

yardEveryone loves a yard sale for it seems that everybody comes out a winner. Buyers find a deal and sellers unload a bunch of stuff that is no longer of any use. It’s a win-win situation in almost every case. Still, yard sales can be somewhat problematic. Here are a few tips to make your yard sale a bit more lucrative and trouble free:

  • Involve the Neighborhood – Be sure that a lot of nearby people attend your yard sale as a crowd will attract more potential and, more lucrative, outside  buyers.
  • Display the Best Items – Don’t just throw the “good” items on a table. Set them up as the features on your sale. Its probably only worth a few extra dollars per item.
  • Use Creative Signage – Believe it or not, people will respond to a creative sign. Make sure that you use some color or other interesting features.
  • Price Simply – This doesn’t mean price your merchandise cheaply but no one brings exact change and you do not have time to mess with it.

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