Considering a Facelift? Fear Not!


I recently remodeled one of my bathrooms and it was – um – fun.

Okay, maybe fun isn’t the right word. And, actually, maybe ‘remodel’ is too strong a word. Let’s say I gave my bathroom a mini-facelift – a whirlwind weekend that included paint, textiles, lighting, hardware, photographs and a really lovely scented candle. The scented candle was the nicest part. And the easiest. And the nicest. Did I already say that?

Why is it that the word remodel strikes fear in the heart of so many people – including me? Is it the angst of making a mistake? The concern over ROI? The dread of spending your hard-earned money on a toilet of all things?

For me, I am always looking at my home through my Realtor lens and wondering in my head (and, yes, out loud to my painters who kindly but firmly reminded me that Silver Chain Gray was, in fact, a great color) if buyers are going to love it.

The answer is – maybe. The bigger question is: is the expense and exhaustion from a major remodel, or even a lesser transformation, really worth it?  When I was remodeling I didn’t  discuss my plans with anyone else except me. On the flip side, when I was shaky about the color, I had nobody to blame but myself. I hate blaming myself. It’s less fun than blaming someone else.

So – should you do it or not?

The short answer is yes. If you are considering selling your house, updating your home is a good bet. You want your home to be the best and the brightest on the proverbial block, but you don’t want to exchange your good-looking house for the poorhouse.

Experts suggest taking an honest look at the outside to make sure it appeals to buyers –no matter how great the house is on the inside, nobody will ever see it if the outside is ugly. This is the same reason cupcakes are so popular and eel is not. Just saying. Do the windows need to be replaced or repaired? Would a new front door or at least a fresh coat of paint give the home a bit of sparkle? Be honest – or ask a trusted friend for insight.

Once you get past the freshly painted door, it’s the kitchen that buyers most want to see. If you’re selling now or sometime in the near future, remember to appeal to the masses, which includes stainless steel appliances, soft close drawers, a designated space for recycling and upgraded finishes. I have a client who recently upgraded her kitchen in a smart, budget-friendly way. By painting her cabinets and walls, adding new hardware, and investing in granite countertops, the space looks fresh and open. Even I was impressed and I’ve seen a lot of kitchens in my day.  A MAJOR overhaul was not necessary since said kitchen, like many kitchens, was functional, just not fabulous. Had my client embarked on a huge remodel, her ROI would be slim and her mental state would be a bit – oh – compromised. And then she might have to live with me. And what if she didn’t like the paint in the bathroom? What if she was allergic to my new candle?

So, be brave my fellow homeowners! Tackle that tired bathroom, kick-up that kitchen and examine that exterior because the pros outweigh the cons. And that’s coming from a pro.

Increase Curb Appeal With New Windows & Doors

Increase Curb Appeal With New Windows & Doors

If you are selling your home and not found many interested buyers, replacing old home features with energy-efficient models could help your home sell as well as put money in your pocket in the meantime. Replacing window and doors with more efficient, newer models is just one example of a home remodeling project that will be sure to pay you back. Here are six reasons why replacing your windows and doors could be a smart investment for your home:

  1. Increase curb appeal: By installing classic or modern windows and doors you can add personality to your home and increase the exterior appeal of your home.
  2. Raise comfort: The new technologies in windows and doors will reduce the air flow from outside and help keep your home at a consistent temperature throughout the day.
  3. Low maintenance: Many manufacturers will provide a warranty that is good for several years. New designs are meant to be easier to care for and maintain than older models.
  4. Safety: Many models have multiple locking systems to keep your family safe.
  5. Reduce noise: You can reduce the outside noise from traffic or other disturbances with high-performance windows.
  6. Appeal to buyers: These benefits will also appeal to buyers and will raise your resale value.

According to the National Association of Home Builders, now is a great time to make investments on your home because contractors are offering 10 to 20 percent less for services compared to prices during the housing boom. Many contractors admit that they would cut their prices by 80 percent to win your business.

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How to Attract Buyers through Curb Appeal

How to Attract Buyers through Curb Appeal

Has your home been on the market a little longer than you had planned? How is your curb appeal? Known as “outdoor staging,” great curb appeal is just as important as a lavish indoors. No one will ever know the quality of the interior is you never get them past the mailbox.

An attractive exterior with fresh paint, clean windows, freshly mowed lawn, and colorful plants will set the stage for the indoors. There are certain issues that come up when dealing with city properties such as litter, leaves, among other things. Neighborhood homes have other issues like homes next door not taking care of their property. Some home sellers have asked next door neighbors to clean their yard up and even paid to have their home painted. Do what you can to make your home look the most presentable, no matter the obstacle.

Increasing your home’s curb appeal does not have to be costly, unless your home calls for professional service. It is something that might not give you a direct return, but it will help you get a buyer in your front door. Sellers have also found it helpful to take pictures of their home during different seasons so buyers can see the beauty of the home during nice summer seasons even in the midst of winter.

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Home Staging 101: Part 2

Home Staging 101: Part 2

fixI recently discussed some helpful home staging tips to follow when preparing your home for showings (see Home Staging 101: Part 1). Here are more great tips that will help get your home into “show home” shape:

  • Clean
    It might be worth the investment to have a professional come to deep clean your home and then spend 20-30 minutes each day maintaining their work. Make sure your windows are clean, so you can open the windows to let in more light. Remove all water stains and messes on countertops, sinks, bathtubs, shelves, etc. Clean all floors.
  • Turn excess inventory into cash
    Have you collected extra supplies of lightbulbs, paper products, or other items? Take it back to the appropriate store to get extra cash or store credit. You will use the store credit once you move and you will have free space to show the buyer.
  • Watch where the eye goes
    Walk through your home and look for imperfections like peeling wallpaper, chipping door frames, holes in walls, etc. Take a critical friend with you to get a third party opinion. Fix the problems that you can. If you are not able to fix a problem, strategically place items in the general area that will distract the buyer from the issue, but do not cover up the problem.
  • Find a fix-it person
    Although you have learned to ignore problems such as leaky faucets and crooked cupboards, home buyers will not. Do not risk having these small issues coming up when you negotiate the price. Hire a professional to fix the problems.
  • Consider the curb appeal
    Keep the lawn freshly mowed and free of leaves or snow. Clear all walkways and tuck garbage away around the corner so the buyer will not see or smell the trash. Look at the condition of your front door and railings and see if they need a fresh coat of paint. A good scrub will clear away most dirt and it might do the job just as well.

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