Coldwell Banker Now Features Lifestyle Search

Coldwell Banker Now Features Lifestyle Search

coldwell-banker-lifestyle-searchColdwell Banker Real Estate now has new search tools on its website that will help you find the perfect home in the perfect location.  The site allows users to choose what aspects of a community are or important to them and tailors search results to those lifestyle choices by featuring specific neighborhoods in certain geological locations.

For example, potential home buyers can search based on importance of shops and services, public transit, nightlife, art venues, schools, and golf courses.  For families, schools might be the most important factor when buying a home.  On the other hand, someone who is single or a young couple might be looking for a home with a more central location to nightlife activities and art venues.

The company also added an affordability tool to the website, which allows first-time home buyers to see whether or not they can afford a specific home.  While an individual budget is solely up to the buyer or buyers, this tool will help weed out properties that might cost a little more than can realistically be paid for.  The tool uses annual income, monthly debts, available funds, interest rates, and loan terms to calculate the affordability of a home.

Even better, users can save search results to their profiles.  This allows easy access to searches in between visits to the website.

If you are looking to buy a home in the Denver area, give me a call at (888) 860-1931.  I can work your wants and needs to find the perfect home in Denver.

Photo Credit: Coldwell Banker