If you are selling your home, a key factor is curb appeal. A prospective buyer should immediately see your home in its most positive light, literally. Effective use of  natural and artificial light make your home more appealing to the eye. Consider these tips for incorporating light into your home to attract buyers seeking Denver real estate.

lightsMake Use of Natural Light
Prospective buyers will likely visit your home in the daylight hours, so you should maximize natural light in your home. If you have heavy drapes, exchange them in favor of sheer linens that will allow the sunlight to shine through.

Be sure to open doors and windows fully to allow sunlight to reach rooms where natural light is not as prevalent. Mirrors are also effective in reflecting natural light.

Upgrade Lighting
Track lighting is an effective tool to highlight designer areas of your home. Consider upgrading to track lighting in the living room and other areas where you’ve invested in high-end decorative pieces. Use it to accent your favorite decor findings and rare features that are unique to your home.

As for other areas, under-cabinet lights are a contemporary trend that give a polished look to the kitchen. In the dining room or living room, consider upgrading to a chandelier that complements your decor.

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Image: houzz