The everyday hustle and bustle of the city life can get too stressful, so if you want to get away to someplace relaxing yet interesting, then you’ll find downtown Littleton the ideal destination.

historicAlong the area’s quaint Main Street are independently owned local establishments housed in historic buildings. You’ll find gift shops, art galleries, clothing stores, and a bowling alley among these establishments.

But beyond shopping choices, downtown Littleton also offers other attractions such as the Hudson Gardens and the Littleton Historical Museum. The former features greenery, wildlife, ponds, and a garden railroad complete with a picturesque outdoor setting, while the latter spotlights two working farms from the 1860s and 1920s. Here you’ll find farm animals like pigs, chickens, horses, oxen and cattle out and about.

Downtown Littleton is just one of the great places you’ll enjoy about living in a Denver neighborhood. There are other gems worth finding, and you can discover them yourself after you move here!  Contact me at 303-478-1201 and I will help you find the perfect home!