Last week I discussed Denver’s top elementary schools (see Top Public Elementary Schools In & Around Denver), but if you need a little more information or none of the schools featured are near your neighborhood, turn to ScoopToo. ScoopToo is a blog that was created by two Denver moms that were tired of not finding the information they wanted to know about schools on the Internet. provides good general information on schools, but what if you want to get upclose and personal with the teachers and administrators?

ScoopToo creators Jenn Massie and Kerri Barclay regularly update their blog with individual school profiles. The profiles include interviews with school professionals, parents reviews, and news articles of recent developments pertaining to the school. Also, ScoopToo gives searching parents something that is priceless on their blog, which is a judge of the look and feel of the school.

Denver gives residents the option of school choice, but when their are so many to choose from, it is easy to get confused and frustrated. Check out their blog at

Give me a call if you are thinking of relocating to Denver. I would love to talk with you more about the schools offered in and around Denver.

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