Last year, Consumer Reports indicated that the home remodeling market was looking to heat up in 2011, with annual home improvement spending expected to hit $130 million.

Well, they were right. Realty Times recently published year-to-date numbers for the home remodeling market, and the outlook could not be better. May marked the 19th straight month of year-over-year gains, and the home remodeling index has seen impressive gains every month so far this year. May activity experienced a record 22 percent growth over May 2010.

Analysts suggest that the increase in remodeling activity can be contributed to homeowners upgrading their houses rather than buying new ones. Exterior remodels are also dominating the market as homeowners realize that curb appeal is one of the most important factors in a home, especially if you are looking to sell it in the future.

Remodels are essential for those that plan to live in their homes for many years to come as well as those looking to improve and sell their houses. If you are considering a remodel for your Denver home, give me a call at 888-860-1931. I will refer you to the best companies that Denver has to offer and answer any questions you may have if your ultimate goal is to sell the home.

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