Protect Your Pets Denver Colorado

Take necessary steps in your Denver home to prevent your pets from becoming ill.

There are many items around the common household that are harmful for our pets, even some you would not expect. Household cleaners and yard chemicals are probably the most obvious household items than can hurt your pets, but even certain oils can pose a threat. This summer in Denver, make sure you take the necessary steps to protect your loved ones.

For animals that are known to open cabinets and stick their nose in something, make sure you put child safety locks on your cabinets in doors. We all know the cat that can open cabinets and all of a sudden spill one of these dangerous chemicals. Do not let this happen in your home.

If your pet has gotten into something they should not have, call you vet immediately. It will be helpful to know what chemical or item that ate, licked, sniffed, etc. and the active ingredients in it. If someone is watching your pet while you are away, be sure to leave your vet’s contact information and any necessary information about the pet to ensure they get proper treatment in your absence.

For more ways to protect your home with pets, you can read Barb Bestini’s article on You can also call the Pet Poison Hotline if your pet manages to be exposed to something harmful at 1-800-213-6680.

Do you have any tips of your own to ensure your pet is safe in your Denver home? Share them with other readers by leaving a comment below!

Photo courtesy of Opulent Pet