openShowing a home to potential buyers is not as simple as hurling open the doors and then waving them in. In reality there is much to be done so that there is nothing present that can distract potential buyers. In addition to a Realtor getting the information disseminated, homeowners must also do their part in making sure their home is ready to be shown off to buyers. They must make sure not to strip so many things that their homes end up seeming barren.

If you are about to place your home on the market, take note of these steps that can help prepare it for open house:

  • Remove personal items. Photos, mementos and similar items possessing sentimental value should be removed so as to eliminate potential distractions. The idea is to make the interior seem ready to welcome potential buyers home, without making it clear that it is someone else’s home.
  • Do as much as possible to create a lived-in atmosphere without personalizing the interior. The oft-mentioned smell of cookies is used because it works. Similarly, keep the house at a comfortable temperature, make sure that the curtains are opened to let in light, and consider putting in some fresh flowers for a touch of color.
  • Keep the house clear of both physical and metaphorical obstacles. Make sure that the rooms are not cluttered, so that potential buyers have easy access, and that they aren’t completely stripped, leaving a bare feeling. At the same time, homeowners and members of their families should not be present. This minimizes potential awkwardness for potential buyers.

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