familyGood news for home buyers and sellers across the country — optimism about the housing market reached record levels in May, probably due to the strong home price gains. The National Housing Survey by Fannie May found the following opinions about homeownership, renting, household finances, and the housing economy as a whole:

  • Expectations for the average 12-month home price rose by 3.9 percent, reaching the highest level since the survey began. In addition, expectations for the average 12-month rental price dropped by 3.4 percent to the lowest since September of last year.
  • At 13 percent, the number of people to report their household income significantly lower than 12 months previous dropped by 3 percent.
  • The number of people who believe home prices will increase over the next 12 months reached a high of 55 percent, while those who say prices will drop decreased to 7 percent, the lowest level since the survey’s commencement.

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