According to a recent article on TIME, Aurora and Denver are recognized as being part of the top 15 most active cities. The cities were chosen based off data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) that created a map showing the activity levels for the entire U.S.

The geographic distribution of the activity showed a definite trend with southern states and parts of the Appalachia having more inactivity that mountainous and coast regions in the Rocky Mountain area and West.

Aurora, part of Arapahoe County, had a rate of inactivity at 16.3 percent. The strong amount of activity can be attributed to the vast areas for recreation, such as the 12 golf courses, 8,000 acres of parkland, and the mild climate that makes people want to get outdoors. Denver had a slightly less inactivity rate of 16.1 percent and their good results can also point toward their many recreational options. In Denver there are 850 miles of paved bike trails that give residents no reason to not take the healthier route to work, shopping, or lunch.

The Denver Metro area is truly a great setting for anyone looking to stay active and healthy. Please call me if you want to learn more about living in the Denver area.

Source: TIME
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