retirementAre you nearing the age of retirement and beginning to think about where you will be living once you are now longer working? Some savvy buyers are taking advantage of the current real estate market and nabbing their dream retirement home while prices remain low.

National home prices are down 36 percent since their mid-2006 peak, and interest rates are at record lows. Although housing inventory has been incredibly low in Denver as of late, there are still some great properties to be had at incredible properties. Is one of these listings your dream retirement home? There’s no better way to find out than to actually look.

While some people look to retire in Denver, others look to the coasts for home in a warmer climate. In order to accommodate two mortgages, these buyers are choosing to rent out their new purchase. It may not cover all of the costs involved, but it certainly helps.

Interest in making a move on your retirement home ahead of time? Contact me to learn about what you can do to benefit from low home prices in Denver.