fixI recently discussed some helpful home staging tips to follow when preparing your home for showings (see Home Staging 101: Part 1). Here are more great tips that will help get your home into “show home” shape:

  • Clean
    It might be worth the investment to have a professional come to deep clean your home and then spend 20-30 minutes each day maintaining their work. Make sure your windows are clean, so you can open the windows to let in more light. Remove all water stains and messes on countertops, sinks, bathtubs, shelves, etc. Clean all floors.
  • Turn excess inventory into cash
    Have you collected extra supplies of lightbulbs, paper products, or other items? Take it back to the appropriate store to get extra cash or store credit. You will use the store credit once you move and you will have free space to show the buyer.
  • Watch where the eye goes
    Walk through your home and look for imperfections like peeling wallpaper, chipping door frames, holes in walls, etc. Take a critical friend with you to get a third party opinion. Fix the problems that you can. If you are not able to fix a problem, strategically place items in the general area that will distract the buyer from the issue, but do not cover up the problem.
  • Find a fix-it person
    Although you have learned to ignore problems such as leaky faucets and crooked cupboards, home buyers will not. Do not risk having these small issues coming up when you negotiate the price. Hire a professional to fix the problems.
  • Consider the curb appeal
    Keep the lawn freshly mowed and free of leaves or snow. Clear all walkways and tuck garbage away around the corner so the buyer will not see or smell the trash. Look at the condition of your front door and railings and see if they need a fresh coat of paint. A good scrub will clear away most dirt and it might do the job just as well.

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Source: Staging Diva
Photo Credit: DuffDudeX1 on Wikimedia Commons