Denver Square Homes

Local foursquare homes are known as Denver Square houses.

Buyers looking for a traditional home in one of the nation’s most active cities should look no further than the Denver Square home type. Not only does it provide simplicity and comfort, but it is an easy home to update and remodel in the future.

The correct architectural term for the Denver Square home is Vernacular Classical Revival style. It is essentially the foursquare type of home named after the great city in which it is located. Most homes within a five mile radius of the center of the city are known to be Denver Square, so buyers have plenty of options.

Denver Square homes are usually two or two and a half stories and cubic in shape with a simple floor plan. They were cheap and easy to build after the downturn in the economy in 1893, but original Denver Square homeowners provided enough details and character to make each home one-of-a-kind. Visit Antique Home Style for more characteristics of a typical foursquare home.

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Photo courtesy of Antique Home Style