wriingOnce you have found a home you like, it is important to stand out from other buyers by writing a personal letter. Use these tips to craft your letter in order to make it as effective as possible.

  • Be flattering from the outset. Begin your letter by telling the seller how much you like the property mentioning particular features such as the color scheme or their personal style.
  • Stay brief and to the point. Clearly state two or three reasons why you would be the right buyer for the home.
  • Do not talk about your planned changes. If you plan to remodel, extend, or change the purpose of certain rooms, do not mention it to the seller.
  • Demonstrate your financial stability. Sellers want to know that the transaction will be smooth and problem free.
  • Close talking about the seller, not about yourself. End your letter with a humble statement that expresses your gratitude rather than an expectation that the seller will except your offer.

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