Saving on your utility bill doesn’t require drastic measures. Here are a few helpful hints that are easy and eco-friendly.

Many Green practices save you money on your utility bills.

  • Dryers are Over Rated: Dryers are fast, easy…and suck up a ton of cash. Buying an energy efficient dryer is a good step but using the natural elements to dry your clothing is even less expensive and better for the environment. Clothes lines are perhaps the easiest method but they require excellent weather conditions. More convenient ideas are drying racks and hangers: there are numerous styles of drying racks that can dry multiple loads of clothing simultaneously. These products may suspend from your ceiling or walls and there are also up-right models. Hangers are a quick and easy fix for drying that require little monetary investment. For a few more green points, buy Bamboo Hangers or Wheatware Hangers.
  • Get Connected—Wisely: Being in the technology age doesn’t have to drain your wallet. Purchase energy efficient products such as an Energy Star monitor for your computer. Turn off electronics when not in use, especially the computer. At a minimum, put the computer in a low-power setting such as “hibernate.”
  • Heat It Up, Less: Saving money on your water heating can be as simple as taking shorter showers or installing a water timer. Solar water heaters and energy efficient units are also wise investments that will produce long term savings.

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Source: bestgreenhometips

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