Remodel Kitchen Denver, ColoradoIf you plan to complete any home remodeling projects in 2012, you should consider how much money you will recoup during resale in order to determine on which projects you should focus. Fortunately, Remodeling Magazine and REALTOR Magazine recently completed a survey which shows us exactly which projects will give us the most for our remodeling dollar this year.

Overall, the report shows us that replacement projects earn a higher percentage of the cost at resale than remodeling projects. Also, exterior replacement projects are particularly valuable when it comes to recouping money during resale.

Here are the top six mid-range home remodeling and replacement projects, in order of percentage of cost recouped at resale:

  1. Replacing the entry door with one made of steel
  2. Converting an unfinished attic into a bedroom
  3. Minor kitchen remodel
  4. Garage door replacement
  5. Add on to an existing deck
  6. Replace vinyl siding

Do you plan on carrying out any remodeling and replacement jobs in your Denver home this year? Share your plans by leaving a comment!

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