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Real Estate is on the Up and Up!

Year to year, home sales are jumping from one end of the spectrum to the other, raising the confidence of Colorado homeowners following last year’s impressive stats. In the last year, luxury homes sold faster and sellers got an average of more than 90% of their initial asking price. This is an 87% increase from last year’s sales.

Around 40 homes selling for $1 million or more were sold in the Denver area in January alone. This is almost 50% more than what was sold last year at the same time.

The average days on market for luxury homes dropped from 169 to 144 in a year, which is about a difference of 15%. A big difference if you’re waiting for your home to be sold.

The economy and the stock market are picking up, and this is reflecting in real estate. The better the economy, the more confident the buyer!

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