Denver HomeThere are about 7,000 homes listed now in the Denver area, and Denver is the third most googled city for real estate. It’s a very popular place to live, which indicates that this is a historically low inventory considering there’s a hot real estate market! These are 7,000 more reasons to have a seasoned broker who knows Denver.

In the current Inside Real Estate News, Lane Hornung puts some of the reason things aren’t out the door is because they’re stale. They’ve been on the market too long, past 60 to 70 days; any new listing gets all the attention. Lane says that price is a huge factor with stale houses. Homeowners need to price appropriately because buyers and sellers are savvy – hopefully because they’re listening to their brokers; that’s where the advice is issued from. The best Realtors know the area and the correct values for properties. It’s on their opinion that sellers sink or swim. Hornung claims that there are psychological dangers in having a stale listing, and that it’s worse in a hot market. That’s where the seasoned broker will correctly analyze why a stale house doesn’t sell and get the owner on track.

Living in Metro Denver for 30 years is necessary experience for buying or selling a home. Those decades of perspective make a broker truly knowledgeable. Ann Meadows is one of the best Realtors to contact if you’d like to sell or buy a home in Denver Metro.