Denver was recently inducted to Forbes list of “America’s Coolest Cities.” Forbes took a look at the largest Metropolitan cities around the country and ranked them on what they determined to be the “coolness factor”. The calculations were based by the “number of entertainment options per capita with an Arts & Culture Index (100 is the best score); recreational opportunities, including the amount of green space, quality of outdoor activities available, and the number of pro and college sports teams (again, (100 is the best score); and number of restaurants and bars per capita, with a focus on local eateries.”

Photo via Forbes

See Forbes findings below:

Denver, CO
M.S.A.: Denver-Aurora-Broomfield, CO
Arts & Culture Index: 96
Recreation Index: 91
Diversity Index: 59.1
Number of Local Eats: 4,445
Median Age: 36
Unemployment: 8.1%
2011 Net Migration: 17,590 people

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