Residents and individuals looking to relocate to the capital will certainly be glad to know that Denver ranks high on the ‘America’s Best Cities’ list. According to the folks at Businessweek, the Mile High City is in the top 10 overall, landing at number six.

bestPart of Denver’s huge draw is its bustling restaurant and nightlife scene with more than 200 bars and 1,700 restaurants offering everything from craft beer to savory Rocky Mountain dishes. Along with dining, Denver provides easy access to excellent skiing and other recreational activities year-round.

Every year, Businessweek takes other factors into consideration when ranking the pool of top 100 cities in the United States. These include education, economics, crime, air quality and leisure activities, which covers the number of restaurants, bars, libraries, museums, sports teams and park acreage by population.

Only one other Colorado city made it to the list–Colorado Springs for its appeal to those into Colorado’s active, outdoor lifestyle.

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