seniorThose looking to retire or that have already retired should highly consider Denver, Colorado as their destination of choice. Banker’s Life and Casualty Company’s Center for a Secure Retirement recently ranked Denver as the fifth best city in the country for senior living, pointing to various factors that measure livability as well as overall happiness.

The list of top cities for senior living was headed by Minneapolis followed by Boston, Pittsburgh, Cleveland and Denver.

Banker’s used factors such as economy, health care, social, health and longevity, spiritual life, environment, housing, transportation, and crime in order to determine the rankings.

Denver scores the best in the environmental area as sunny days, great parks, and clean air and water are regular staples for the city over the Summer. Even during the Winter months, Denver residents remain very happy with access to fantastic resources.

Although most do not usually associate Denver with senior living, the city does a great job of providing everything that those in the 65 and older bracket are looking for.

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