reboundIn Denver and cities across the country, the real estate market has hit bottom and is ready for a rebound. Home sales and prices continue to rise while foreclosures drop, proving that 2012 should be a great year for the housing market that has long been troubled since the start of the recession.

In addition to recent trends in sales, pricing, and foreclosures, real estate market analysts point to positive growth in the employment rate and other government data as signs that the housing market is set for a recovery in the near future. “The pieces for a housing rebound next year are beginning to fall into place,” said¬†Barclays Capital analyst Stephen Kim.

Also consider the fact that rents are continuing to rise at a very fast rate. Buying a home makes more sense financially than renting for those that plan to stay put for at least several years.

Visit CNBC for more information and statistics that show that the national housing market is set to make a comeback next year.

The Denver real estate market is looking to pick up over the next few months, so do not let these prices and mortgage rates escape. Call me today at 888-860-1931 to learn more about buying a home in the current Denver housing market.

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