Furry Scurry 2011 Metro Denver Colorado

The Denver Dumb Friends League has raised more than $1 million so far and will continue to raise money through June 7th.

The Denver Dumb Friends League Furry Scurry took place this past Saturday, May 7th, and was a big success. Although the event is over, DDFL will continue fundraising through June 7th. So far, the group has raised more than $1 million!

As I mentioned in the previous post, the event consisted of a two-mile walk for animals, pet contests, and more than 130 vendors, also known as the “Flealess Market.” Jana Bartlit was the top individual fundraiser, and several of the Dumb Friends League team were the top fundraising groups. The Tipton Law Firm and Water 2 Wine-DTC joint team was next on the list for amount of funds raised.

The money raised through these efforts goes to support as many as 20,000 homeless pets each year. Only an incredible community like Denver could pull together and raise such a large amount for this purpose. It really is great to live in such a selfless community like Denver.

For updated fundraising totals, you can visit the Denver Dumb Friends League website. For other great Denver community events and fundraisers, continue to check my blog each week. If you know of a Denver event coming up soon, let me know by leaving a comment below!