countingI am grateful. And not in a casual yeah, yeah, I count my blessings sort of way, but for real. Why? Well, for a lot of reasons, including you. Yep. I am talking to you; my friends, colleagues, family, and clients.

I wish I could say that every single day I ponder the good things that happen; the moments and memories that shape my life. But I am busy. We are all busy. So some days I am just racing around town like the rest of humanity, checking off tasks and selling houses and meeting clients and squeezing in a social life and a workout and a walk with my dogs.

But this week I have truly carved out some time to remember the people and events that left a happy mark on the permanent record of my life. What a concept – ! Using Thanksgiving week to be thankful. I am reflecting back on the joy and prosperity and friendship that makes each and every day a gift, those pieces of the pie that made this year deliciously delightful.

Speaking of….you know what goes really well with introspection? Pie. Really, pie and pondering is a match made in heaven and I can prove it. After some friends told me about how happy everyone was at a pie party they had hosted, I thought: I like pie too – maybe I should have a pie party?! So I did. Yesterday, I had a handful of guests pop by for my first pie party and I believe it may be an annual tradition. I am now a pie party pro. My mother would be so proud.

The thing about a pie party is you get to eat and drink and celebrate and laugh and then when you say goodbye to your friends, you can send them home WITH A PIE! I know, brilliant, right? It was a success; and I am blessed.

May you, too, be blessed throughout the holiday season and coming year with much peace, joy and prosperity. And a little pie. Happy Thanksgiving.