COSU_HomePageImages_EveryKidDeservesWhen you are buying a home in Denver it is important to have information on the local school systems. You want to ensure that your children will be attending a high quality school that meets state and local standards. has launched as a way for parents and students to receive pertinent information in order to make informed school decisions.

When you visit you’ll be able to view scores for schools in your district, an area you are considering moving to, or any school in the State of Colorado. You can view school information side by side to compare schools on a variety of indicators. Schools are scored in areas such as academic proficiency and academic growth. These scores are combined for an overall performance grade indicating school quality. You can view even more detailed results in reading, math, english, and science and are able to see trend data from previous years. The site also computes demographic information for each school and easily links to data from nearby schools for comparison purposes.

If you have any questions about buying a home in Denver, local school districts, or specific neighborhoods please contact Ann Meadows. Ann is an experienced Realtor in the Denver area and is committed to finding homes Denver families will love in school districts they trust.

Photo via Colorado School Grades.