home improvementFirst impressions do matter when home buyers come to view your home on the market. If you are looking to improve your home’s appearance, a remodeling project could be just what your home needs, but make sure that it comes with a strong resale value. Here are two remodeling projects identified by REALTOR® as part of the top 5 improvements that bring the greatest return.

    • Entry Door Replacement (Steel)
      Replacement projects tend to be less expensive and have better resale value versus other projects. According to the study, this remodeling project cost was $1,218, resale value was $1,243, and costs recouped was 102.1 percent of costs involved. When choosing a door, remember to look at the neighborhood and your home’s style to make sure it correlates well.
    • Siding Replacement
      This project is a bit more expensive, but ranks first among projects that cost $5,000 or more. For the study, the project cost was $13,382, resale value was $10,707, and costs recouped was 80 percent. One tip for saving with this project is to see how big a lap the contractors use and if costs can be lowered if the lap is increased.

View other high resale value remodeling projects at www.realtor.org. Keep in mind that this study cannot be applied to every remodeling project, but it will give you a good indicator of where to invest your money. Give me a call if you are looking to sell your home in the Denver area; I would love to help market your home.

Source & Photo credit: Realtor.com