topsDenver is a Sellers’ Market! Here are some helpful tips for you as you plan your move:

Boxes – You can’t have too many boxes! Stock up on tape, newspapers, bubble wrap.

List – Use a spiral-bound notebook to record everything. Label your boxes (for example, “Kitchen A”), then record every box’s contents.

Wardrobe boxes – Measure hanging clothes to discover how many boxes you will need.

How to use wardrobe boxes – Stuff plastic bags on the bottom, then pack your closet clothing tightly. Put a trash bag on the neck of the hanger to cover to top half of your clothing.

Color coordinate – Assign a color to every room. Put stickers on the boxes.

Togetherness – Attach parts and cords to appliances/furniture.

Rent a pod – Take everything possible out of the house ahead of time and put in a pod that has been delivered to your driveway. The pod company will return when it’s full and put it in storage for you.

Cleaning supplies – Put cleaning supplies in a grab-and-go caddy.

Suitcases = storage – Luggage/duffle bags can be stuffed with clothes, bedding and towels.

Moving valuables – Silverware, collectibles and fine jewelry should be delivered to your new home yourself.

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