10-NEW-YEARS-RESOLUTIONS-FOR-YOUR-DENVER-HOMEMost people have at least a couple of New Year’s resolutions to help them better their lives in some way in the new year. But do you have any resolutions for your Denver home?

Take a look at the top 10 list of New Year’s resolutions for your home put together by HouseLogic:

  1. Cut energy use
  2. Purify indoor air
  3. Budget for improvements
  4. Educate yourself on home finances
  5. De-clutter
  6. Support your community
  7. Curb home water use
  8. Share home improvement projects
  9. Exercise your DIY skills
  10. Use maintenance-free materials

The list seems to be broken down into two types of resolutions: those focusing on conserving resources and saving money, and those focusing on you becoming a more responsible and active homeowner. Which set of resolutions do you plan to focus on as a homeowner in 2012?

Even if you only focus on one or two of these items in 2012, the most important thing to do is take the initial step toward bettering yourself as a Denver homeowner.

I wish you luck with all of your 2012 resolutions. If you have any Denver real estate needs during the new year, call me at 888-860-1931.

Image via Flickr